Thursday, February 5, 2009

Staircase Number two finished

It was an exciting day for us yesterday - the second staircase is now finished and I think it looks great!

Since I last wrote we've been having a fair bit of good weather while England's been having more snow than anyone can rememeber. We went and checked out the skiing in Le Mont Dore only 1 hour and forty minutes away. I was quite pleasantly surprised it was really good, and very beautiful. I would try to go during the week next time - it was rather crowded. It was also very mild - I think about 8 degrees and so still it was quite wierd. We saw the source of the Dordogne which was so high up the moutain.

I've been trying to sort out more paperwork (it never ends in France) and have been and signed up for one of the agencies for work, helping people out in their homes or gardens, so we'll see if anything comes from that...

I'll try and upload three albums, one of the stairs, one of the beautiful walks we've been doing this week and the other of Le Mont Dore...
Le Mont Dore January 31st 2009
feb 09
walks from Inteillet

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