Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catch Up

The days go by so fast I don't know how poeple manage to do blogs every day...
Since I last wrote Ben has been steadily building up the top of the wall to meet the roof all around the porcherie, and Felix has been building stud walls of the bathroom and bedrooms.

We were sent an advert for a quantity of oak boards and various other stuff by a friend, which we followed up and found about 90 lovely, straight, well seasoned oak boards, which we snapped up for a song and also three beds for the gite. So now we are going to use those (boards!) to floor out the bedrooms as opposed to parquet which we had decided on. I think it's going to look really lovely. So Felix has had the lovely task of getting them all planed up and ready, it's a big job...

I have been busy in the garden still sweeping the chestnut mess up, weeding beds, transpanting hundreds of violets and cutting the hedge on the drive (with secateurs!) and trying to fill in the gaps in the hedge with saplings I find on my walks! Still need to get to the veggie patch... I've also got the kids on half term now so have to spend some time with them too!

I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taking Shape

Sorry it's been a while... My main camera has given up the ghost and interior shots on the phone aren't great, but for the moment that all I've got...
It feels like things are moving along quite quickly at the moment, we have banisters at the top of both the stairs and now have stud walls to close in the ends of both bedrooms and even a wall beside the toilet which makes it feel very private! It really feels very different in the porcherie now and that is quite exciting!

We've done two trips to Bricodepot in Perigeux and seem to have a fair bit of materials to be getting on with.

It has been very cold this last week or so. I have been working on the garden, trimming the hedge up the drive and weeding my asparagus patch... I hope to get the the main veg plot tomorrow and I still haven't finished sweeping up the chestnut mess under the third big tree.. The grass could really do with mowing but it just never dries out enough to do it.
Stud Walls

I put in a photo of Chartreuse le Glandier where Lenni, Lola and I went for a lovely walk today.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Staircase Number two finished

It was an exciting day for us yesterday - the second staircase is now finished and I think it looks great!

Since I last wrote we've been having a fair bit of good weather while England's been having more snow than anyone can rememeber. We went and checked out the skiing in Le Mont Dore only 1 hour and forty minutes away. I was quite pleasantly surprised it was really good, and very beautiful. I would try to go during the week next time - it was rather crowded. It was also very mild - I think about 8 degrees and so still it was quite wierd. We saw the source of the Dordogne which was so high up the moutain.

I've been trying to sort out more paperwork (it never ends in France) and have been and signed up for one of the agencies for work, helping people out in their homes or gardens, so we'll see if anything comes from that...

I'll try and upload three albums, one of the stairs, one of the beautiful walks we've been doing this week and the other of Le Mont Dore...
Le Mont Dore January 31st 2009
feb 09
walks from Inteillet