Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taking Shape

Sorry it's been a while... My main camera has given up the ghost and interior shots on the phone aren't great, but for the moment that all I've got...
It feels like things are moving along quite quickly at the moment, we have banisters at the top of both the stairs and now have stud walls to close in the ends of both bedrooms and even a wall beside the toilet which makes it feel very private! It really feels very different in the porcherie now and that is quite exciting!

We've done two trips to Bricodepot in Perigeux and seem to have a fair bit of materials to be getting on with.

It has been very cold this last week or so. I have been working on the garden, trimming the hedge up the drive and weeding my asparagus patch... I hope to get the the main veg plot tomorrow and I still haven't finished sweeping up the chestnut mess under the third big tree.. The grass could really do with mowing but it just never dries out enough to do it.
Stud Walls

I put in a photo of Chartreuse le Glandier where Lenni, Lola and I went for a lovely walk today.

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