Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So much for updating every couple of days!

Well, here I am again playing catchup...
Since 20th of March....
Felix finished the first fix electrics and he and Ben insulated the roof of the porcherie and boarded it all out. Ben has cleaned up and oiled all the beams and taped and jointed all the boards and painted the ceilings and walls upstairs. It looks great.

The roof of the house is now the main thing they're working on. They stripped off the last end just before we had some big thunder storms, but the summer has been such a hot one, that it didn't do too much damage. As it was so hot, everything dried out very quickly. Ben is doing most of the slating and it's looking great. They put in the last dormer (or Lucarne) above the stairs and the Velux for the bathroom. Ben has also done a great job on all the zinc flashings and they look better than any I've seen anywhere! I must take some pictures of that...


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